Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to buy a car you have to find out dealership. Make sure you have the amount needed to purchase your dream car into the bank and then head upstairs. You will be greeted by two people. One of them will always welcome you into choosing a car from his collection. The other is more selective with the buyers. You can then view the catalogue they offer and even choose to test drive the car for a price.
Well there is a vehicle that we only make available for a very small and exclusive group of people: the Mazda Furai. We have all of its specs on our website but only members of the Senior Administration are able to own such a beauty.
We charge you for a test drive as it is a sort of insurance fee. This way if you damage or wreck the car, we keep a portion of the totaling of the money. If you fail to deliver it within the 2 minutes of test we will keep the entire quantity.
This website serves as a way for us to provide and disclose all the information we have on our cars and dealership online. This way everyone can get information on prices and other specifications that would require a trip to our local dealership or even a test lap around our track.
This vehicle is only available for users who have been accepted into the staff team and have held or are actively a Moderator of said team.
We allow you to choose any color you like for your car. We also have several different finishes and different rim colors for you to choose from. If you feel like changing, we also provide a service that will allow to update your current car's paint job.
We offer two different catalogues. One of which is for exclusive buyers only. For you to be considered an exclusive buyer you have to be a Premium Member of our beloved Paralake City.
You can choose to upgrade (or downgrade) your vehicle in the car repair shop. This shop is located near the gas station of the Business Area right in front of our dealership. Make sure to choose the left garage.
Our best advice would be to call roadcrew (565) and await patiently their arrival. They can fix your car for just 500$. However if you feel your car has lost some of its factory shine and power, take it to the repair shop near the gas station in the Business Area. Make sure to choose the right garage. Luckily for you, it is in front of our dealership!
Our car dealership is located in the Business Area behind the Bazaar Shops and in front of the gas station in Boomer Street. For more information check our about page.